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Step into the world of Alternative flooring, where innovation meets style. As a forward-thinking modern flooring company, they specialize in providing top-quality natural carpets, rugs, and runners. Our dedication to excellence has earned us numerous industry awards, making them the proud recipients of the prestigious Coolbrand award. From the very beginning, Alternative were pioneers in the UK, introducing natural fibre flooring to the market. Alternative’s high-quality sisal, coir, seagrass, and jute floor coverings quickly captured the hearts of customers, and they continue to captivate even today. It doesn’t don’t stop there. They are constantly striving to bring you the latest in carpet design, collaborating with renowned designers to create truly unique and eye-catching carpets. Discover the Alternative brand in our showroom and elevate your space with their exceptional flooring options. Explore the new range of Alternative Flooring below!